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Continuous Improvement: Change for the Better

CI 2015Come and see us at Continuous Improvement: Change for the Better, at the Manchester Conference Centre on May 27 2015. Open Forum Events in association with the Institute for Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector (ICiPS) are hosting their second annual Continuous Improvement: Change for the Better conference.

As the public sector continues to struggle through the austerity programme there remains an enduring need to not only maintain but improve service delivery. Budgetary constraints have forced the hand of service providers to continually review their working practices and adopt more effective and efficient strategies. Embedding Continuous Improvement (CI) programmes into ‘business as usual’ can play a major role in empowering an organisation to change how it operates forever and support quality, sustainable services.

CI is an ongoing effort to improve products, services and processes to provide excellence and added value for stakeholders. To meet the constantly changing needs of customers and services users organisations will benefit from adopting CI as a never ending approach to improve performance. Many organisations are well underway with their CI journey and unlikely ever to detour from the CI road, whilst at the other end of the spectrum others are yet to consider introducing CI principles into their daily activities.

Join us at Continuous Improvement: Change for the Better where we will explore the theories and practicalities involved within a CI programme. A line up of expert CI practitioners and experts will discuss the benefits and provide guidance as to how to successfully apply and sustain CI, ensuring it becomes part of an organisation’s DNA. The programme will include a number of best practice case studies, regardless of what stage of a CI programme delegates find themselves.Throughout the conference delegates will have the opportunity to gain greater understanding of the methodologies and tools required to make CI a reality. There will be ample time to discuss, question and problem solve throughout the plenary sessions, whilst informal networking will provide delegates with the chance to further knowledge share and develop contacts. The conference programme has been designed to leave delegates with a greater understanding of how CI can enhance the performance of their organisations to the benefit of their service users and customers. continuous-improvement-change-better/

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