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Strategic Change

ChangeWise specialise in strategically aligning project portfolios and providing the tools to prioritise, monitor, control and effectively deliver transformational change to achieve competitive advantage and best value for money.

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do
– Michael Porter

The benefits

At ChangeWise we make sure you have:

  • Effective prioritisation of strategic capital investments
  • Appropriate and timely information to enhance decisions
  • Improved project, people and risk management capabilities

With these in place you will be able to:

  • Invest in the best projects to deliver your strategic objectives matched to the competitive environment
  • Ensure efficient, successful delivery in terms of time, quality and budget with greater benefits realisation
  • Create a shared vision and focus people on the top priorities
  • Instil value-for-money based capital expenditure
  • Enhance transparency, accountability and governance
  • Integrate best practice project management tools
  • Respond to risks and mitigate them effectively

What we do

We can provide Strategic Change through:

  1. Leading strategic planning workshops
  2. Aligning project portfolios to strategic objectives
  3. Providing portfolio insight and prioritisation methods
  4. Implementing project governance and change control
  5. Establishing change and project management offices
  6. Creation of resourcing and programme plans
  7. Delivering PRINCE2, APM or PMI compatible project management tools
  8. Customising project, costing and risk templates
  9. Implementing benefit tracking and realisation tools
  10. Performing health-checks, project assurance and post project reviews to embed lessons learnt
ChangeWise - Strategic Change
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