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People Change

ChangeWise provide leaders and managers the support to manage their people through minor, major and transformational change using a tailored Change Management Framework to ensure the process, engagement and communications best suit the organisational context and help minimise the barriers to embedding successful change.

Change is the only constant
– Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

The benefits

At ChangeWise we make sure you have:

  • Understood the drivers for change, analysed its impact and created a strategic vision of the future
  • A tailored Change Management Framework linking the process to staff engagement and communications
  • Prepared effective change management plans
  • Leaders that can manage people through any change
  • Methods to minimise resistance and techniques to influence political and cultural barriers
  • Employees that adapt and embrace change

With these in place you will be able to:

  • Share your vision for change
  • Prepare for and manage different change scenarios
  • Standardise “best practice” in managing change
  • Support staff during the transition journey
  • Reinforce changes made and celebrate successes
  • Build trust and employee engagement
  • Ensure the effective embedding of change
  • Realise benefits and achieve value for money

 What we do

ChangeWise make People Change happen through:

  1. Leadership workshops to map the drivers and impacts of change and to create a strategic vision of the future
  2. Tailoring a Change Management Framework to standardise an approach to suit your organisation
  3. Planning sessions for different change scenarios:
    • Complex organisational transformation,
    • Operating model or team restructuring,
    • Lean/Six Sigma process reviews,
    • New IT systems or regulatory practices
    • Continuous improvement initiatives
  4. Checking your readiness for change and creating project, stakeholder and communication plans
  5. Leadership awareness and coaching in the styles and behaviours required to engage, develop trust and take staff on the transition journey
  6. Employee engagement: discussions, focus groups and communication activities to understand the effects of a change, as well as how they can influence it and deliver it
  7. Insight to understand behaviours and reactions to change as well as techniques to influence organisational culture
  8. Identifying barriers, politics and resistance to change and providing methods to handle it effectively
  9. Individual / team development and conflict management guided with self-analysis / psychometric tools provided by qualified HR practitioners
  10. Ensuring change is embedded into business-as-usual processes, procedures, training, metrics and performance management systems so that benefits are fully realised
ChangeWise - People Change
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