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Sustainable Change

ChangeWise implement tailored Process, Service and Operational Excellence frameworks, Quality Management Systems and tools across organisations. These will help you continuously improve your business, effectively deliver change and create a culture to sustain competitive advantage and become World Class.

Profit in business comes from repeat customer, customers that boast about your product or service, and that bring friends with them
– W. Edwards Deming

The benefits

At ChangeWise we make sure you have:

  • More effective business process management
  • Focused process improvement
  • Greater service and operational control
  • Enhanced quality management

With these in place you will be able to:

  • Build sustainable change into your business model
  • Successfully empower and engage the whole organisation
    in continuous improvement to build a culture that adapts
    to the strategic environment
  • Tailor business-sensitive change
  • Achieve ‘best practice’ operations and process management
  • Enhance productivity, efficiency and
  • Integrate and assure quality in the process
  • Respond pro-actively to quality
    and service failures

What we do

We can provide Sustainable Change through:

  1. Tailoring Process Excellence Frameworks:
    • Identifying your process architecture and process owners
    • Designing process management and change control
    • Prioritising core processes for improvement
  2. Deploying Continuous Improvement:
    • Delivering rapid improvement workshops using Lean
    • Training employees in problem solving techniques
  3. Embedding Service and Operational Excellence:
    • Managing resource, capacity and demand
    • Standardising operating procedures and implementing visual management
    • Analysing training needs and creating skills matrices
    • Enhance the customer experience and improve their journey through Service Excellence
  4. Designing Quality Management Systems:
    • Implementing ISO 9001 quality standards
    • Enhancing quality control using Six Sigma
    • Analysing service failure and creating control plans
    • Preparing you for external and internal process audits
  5. Benchmarking against World Class models.
ChangeWise - Sustainable Change
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