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Process Change

ChangeWise streamline processes using Lean to increase efficiency, enhance customer interactions with Service Excellence, improve quality with Six Sigma and re-organise work to give greater effectiveness, reduce costs and build competitive advantage.

An organisation is only as effective as it processes
– Geary Rummler

The Benefits

At ChangeWise we make sure you have:

  • More effective alignment of your business processes to strategic planning
  • Management systems to identify processes that improve customer satisfaction

With these in place you will be able to:

  • Realise greater benefits of enhanced quality, improved delivery and reduced cost
  • Successfully deliver service improvements to enrich the customer experience
  • Motivate, involve and engage employees to own the delivery of change
  • Make change sensitive to business-as-usual needs
  • Understand your business processes better
  • Achieve consistent, standardised documentation
  • Embed change into business-as-usual
  • Create a continuous improvement culture

What we do

We can provide Process Change through:

  1. Identifying core processes and aligning them to your strategy
  2. Prioritising processes for streamlining and enhancing customer experience
  3. Providing rapid improvement workshops, training and coaching that will:
    • Involve employees in improving their process
    • Provide training, case-studies and tools
    • Map the end-to-end processes
    • Remove wasteful steps to Lean the process
    • Enhance the customer experience through Service Excellence
    • Improve quality control using Six Sigma
    • Organise employees around the flow of work
    • Identify quick wins and medium-term enhancements
    • Plan, action and agree ownership of changes
    • Test, document and train for business handover
    • Implement and embed new processes
  4. Creating programmes of improvement initiatives
  5. Nurturing confident, self-sufficient champions of change
ChangeWise - Process Change
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