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In-House Workshops & Coaching

ChangeWise provide in-house workshops & coaching programmes aimed at Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and key staff responsible for managing and facilitating:

  • Complaints handling and customer service improvement
  • Complex organisational transformation
  • Process improvement reviews
  • Implementation of new IT systems or new regulatory practices
  • Ongoing continuous improvement initiatives

Our Programmes

Operational Review

An intensive and comprehensive operational review of
your business departments from the front office and
telephony centre to the back-office, admin, professional
services, shared service centres, support centres or
manufacturing facilities. You will get instant feedback on
opportunities for improvement of the process, service,
organisational and work structure, layout and operational
management practices.
Performed in partnership with local managers and
improvement champions.

(3 DAYS)

Operational Excellence

A combination of short, modular training sessions and
ongoing coaching for front-line managers and team
leaders to understand the essentials of running an effective
operation. It covers visual management using Quality,
Cost, Delivery, Safety and Morale measures, team huddles,
capacity and resource planning as well as performance
management and team-based continuous improvement.


Rapid Improvement Event (Kaizen)

Short, sharp and action focused interventions to
engage staff in improving specific problem areas of the
organisation from quality defects, to poor processes, to
reducing major complaints. These are all backed up with
an ongoing coaching programme that leads to team-based
continuous improvement using visual management
and a simple problem solving cycle that ensures ongoing
sustainable enhancements.


End-to-End Process Review Workshops

A bespoke and comprehensive review of the
end-to-end processes across wider sections of an
organisation in order to design, pilot and implement
an improved future state focused on providing the
best customer and organisational value.


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    Who will these workshops benefit ?

    • Sectors: Financial Services, Public Sector, Higher Education, Outsourcing, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities.
    • Front-office: Customer Service/Telephony Contact Centres, Retail Outlets, Bank Branches.
    • Back-Office: Shared Service Centres, Administration Processing & Fulfilment Centres.
    If you have any other questions or need further information, please feel free to call Mike Williams at ChangeWise on 02380 464 153 or 07866 537 58.
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