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Training Courses

Changewise runs regular training courses aimed at Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and key staff responsible for managing and facilitating:

  • Complaints handling and customer service improvement
  • Complex organisational transformation
  • Process improvement reviews
  • Implementation of new IT systems or new regulatory practices
  • Ongoing continuous improvement initiatives

Our Courses

Lean Awareness

Ever wondered what Lean is, why people use it or how it applies to your sector?
This course will help you understand the history of Lean, how to apply the principles of Lean Production in different environments and how to improve your internal processes. We will then use the principles of Lean Consumption to understand your external processes and the effort your customers have to exert to use your services.

(1 day)

Team Based Process Improvement

LCS level 1b & 1cHow to engage your people to work together to continuously improve their products and services.
This course builds on ‘Lean Awareness’ to give practical experience of how to engage staff in improving the processes of creating and delivering products or services. You will understand the customer journey in order to provide excellent customer service and high quality at affordable costs using team based process improvement in 5 steps: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control.

(2 days)

Achieving Excellent Customer Service

How do you achieve excellent service for your customers and reduce complaints?
This course covers the concept of customer demand split into ‘value demand’ and ‘failure demand’, you will understand the Voice of the Customer’ and the principles of Lean Consumption to reduce the effort a customer has to exert to use your services and in turn improve service levels and customer satisfaction. In addition, it covers improved complaints handling, ‘true’ root cause analysis and most importantly how to link these back to improvement activities that prevent them happening again and again.

(1 day)

Leading People Through Change

Why is change so poorly handled, badly implemented and rarely creates behaviour change?
The course covers the drivers for change, how to change organisational culture, Kotter’s 8-step process, the impact of change on people, the emotional and rational responses they have to change, the factors that lie behind resistance to change and how to gain staff engagement, support and buy-in so that any transition can be successfully embedded so that it becomes the new ‘way we do things round here’.

(1 day)

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    These courses can be run in-house for groups of 7 or more for more effective team-based learning and discounted rates.

    Who will these workshops benefit ?

    • Sectors: Financial Services, Public Sector, Higher Education, Outsourcing, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities.
    • Front-office: Customer Service/Telephony Contact Centres, Retail Outlets, Bank Branches.
    • Back-Office: Shared Service Centres, Administration Processing & Fulfilment Centres.
    If you have any other questions or need further information, please feel free to call Mike Williams at ChangeWise on 02380 464 153 or 07866 537 58.
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