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Using continuous improvement methods in government

Using continuous improvement methods in government

The Cabinet Office is helping every government department use new working methods that will help to constantly improve their services (known as ‘continuous improvement’) in their organisations. Continuous improvement involves systematically using methods and techniques that have been proven to improve efficiency in both the public and private sectors. The methods include Six Sigma, Lean, and Systems Thinking to improve the way they work with an aim that all central departments will have produced benefits by 2015 as a result of continuous improvement techniques.

The Cabinet Office will enable this to happen by:

  • working with Civil Service Learning to establish what is required to support continuous improvement working methods
  • making it easier to move staff with experience of continuous improvement between departments to help maximise the return on investment departments have spent in training staff already, encouraging departments and agencies to work together
  • developing benefits, guidance and an assurance model to make sure basic standards are established and improvements are measured – from 2013, the Cabinet Office will ask departments to report return on investment figures quarterly
  • designing and putting in place ways to maintain continuous improvement throughout the public sector, including continuing to work with the Institute for Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector (ICiPS)

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