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The need for change

Employment in the Public Sector has been strongly affected over the last year with over 35,000 job losses in 2011, through cuts and redundancies. The Chancellor’s plans to reduce workers in the Public Sector will though result in a potential saving for the economy of £400 million per year.

However, many of these businesses do not have strategies in place to cope with the sudden changes and lack of resources they have been presented with, leaving them vulnerable to rehiring in the very near future, once initial redundancy costs have been recouped.

The Times ( recently published an article highlighting the need for businesses to take note of their environments, and react to the changes around them in order for these savings to become real.

“The savings that have been achieved in staff cuts will not be sustainable unless departments now complete long-term operating models for their businesses.”

Richard Bacon, Conservative Member of the Public Accounts Committee.

These changes are not just limited to the Public Sector and can affect all types of companies. Managing change within your company can be a daunting prospect, especially when your staff numbers are limited and you still have many projects to manage and deliver results.

By implementing changes through ChangeWise, we can help you manage your full portfolio through our bespoke framework system, resulting in massively improving your quality and cost control, increasing staff morale through training and advice, and ensuring you stay on top of and deliver on all your current and planned projects.

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