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Quick Glance Operational Excellence – UK Retail Banking

The Opportunity

A major UK retail bank’s anti-money-laundering function was significantly behind its year-end target in May, with headcount costs increasing sharply (trying to catch-up), and the consequent training and quality issues of on-boarding new staff into a complex process.

The Solution

ChangeWise delivered Operational Excellence (OPEX) training and coaching to team leaders, managers and senior managers across multiple sites on behalf of a larger consultancy.

ChangeWise designed and implemented two centre of excellence workflow designs enabling a significant increase in operational performance by removing non-value-add work, enhancing planning and prioritisation methods as well as improving workflow and quality.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

The Outcome

Site A was able to hit end-of-day targets mid-afternoon and use the latent capacity created to support other teams. Site B doubled output without an increase in headcount, better matched skills to work types, improved first-time quality with better feedback loops and achieved their end-of-year target before October.

Lean is not just for manufacturing – it can be successfully applied to a multitude of functions, including financial institutions. Interested in learning more? Contact us at and let’s talk about how we can help.

ChangeWise believes employee engagement is the foundation for successful Change. Training and coaching your people to use simple continuous improvement techniques will enable your organisation to continuously adapt and stay ahead in a constantly changing and challenging environment.

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