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Pace of change ‘too quick’

CW Stream pic (web only)The recent findings of the Fit To Change report, published by the IT services group Fujitsu, finds that companies are struggling to keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment, putting their futures at risk. According to a survey of business leaders the findings place a question mark over Britain’s ability to adapt and remain competitive.

Of the 150 senior executives surveyed two thirds said the pace of change was too quick for British business, while 57 per cent felt an inability to respond rapidly to change was one of the most significant risks they faced. The report highlights famous falls from grace of companies like Nokia, Kodak, Woolworths and La Senza as examples of a failure to keep up with changing consumer preferences and expectations. It makes you wonder who else will be on that list in the next few years; M&S, Blackberry, Tesco or even the mighty Microsoft.

Operational diagnostic reviews and change readiness assessments are two ways ChangeWise can help you to understand how fit your business is to face the pace of change and how you can develop the stamina, skills and culture to respond to the ever changing economic environment in an agile way.


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