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Jaguar Land Rover

JaguarIt was good to read that Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) are creating 1,300 new manufacturing jobs in the West Midlands. What was once a struggling car brand has really turned itself around with new models and increasing production for the European, American and Asian markets. As well as good design and products that customers want their manufacturing has improved significantly over the last 10 years. Why, because of the use of Lean techniques in production. If you ever want to impress a group of stakeholders then arrange a visit to an exemplary workplace. JLR run a tour of their production facilities at their Castle Bromwich site guided by retired staff who enthusiastically explain the journey they went on to reach where they are today. I have taken groups of stakeholders and sponsors around from several sectors, including service sectors like banking, to give them a view of what excellent looks like. The lessons and visual indicators of JLR really help them to see what they still need to do, especially as it is so hard to envisage moving from good to great by looking only within your own organisation or benchmarking across your own sector. Jaguar contact details below;

Julie Bartholomew,

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