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End-to-End Re-Engineering Of An Asset Investment Process

End-to-End Re-Engineering of an Asset Investment Process

Our client, Anglian Water Services (AWS), covers the largest geographical area in England and Wales, employing 5,000 people and supplying water and water recycling services to more than six million customers in the east of England and Hartlepool.

Business Challenge

Between September 2018 and April 2020 ChangeWise were asked to support the restructure and implementation of its Assess Management process to ensure the organisation was fit for its next Asset Management Period (AMP7).

This required the Business Operating Model (BOM) Transformation Team, to complete a full restructure of the organisation from silo business areas into business streams who own the end-to-end production & operations.



Key people involved from client site

Business Operating Model (BOM) Transformation Team

Heads of Operations for Water, Water Recycling, Customer & Wholesale Services and Asset Management. 

Lean Solutions

Working closely with the BOM Transformation Team and focusing on Customer CTQ’s (Critical to Quality) requirements, ChangeWise completed a full Lean review of the end-to-end current state. This involved analysis of extremely complex business processes, hand-offs, suppliers and governance structures. Various Lean methodologies were employed to create a more robust, simplified, effective and customer focused future state process, including:

Voice of Customer Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, Value and Non-Value Add Analysis, Quality Management Systems, Kanban control, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and Continuous Improvement mechanisms.



Outcomes and Benefits

Full redesign of the complete E2E asset investment process (300+ steps) to focus on Totex solutions (Opex & Capex combined) for asset and operational interventions in order to efficiently and effectively deliver risk reduction schemes as well as growth/opportunity and value interventions.

Asset solution options were reviewed earlier by the right collaborators and decisions made much sooner in the process by involving the @One Asset Alliance in Risk, Opportunity & Value (ROV) ‘sprints’.

Application of Agile principles to determine the root-cause of risks and issues and strategic Collaborative Planning sessions to optimise efficient delivery and minimise customer disruption.

Redesign of the Benefits Management Framework to ensure rigorous upfront business case generation, accurate benefits tracking and post investment review of the realisation of benefits and feedback from lessons learnt

Review of Governance and Assurance Framework; redesigned and implemented to ensure effective investment decision making pushed deeper into the front-line organisation and investment decisions accurately recorded

Governance, assurance and process ‘Pathways’ created to stream the work by complexity, and cells implemented to encourage daily collaboration between internal teams and Alliance engineering, design and construction teams

The new process will ensure more effective, collaborative and cost-efficient outcomes to achieve the best value-for-money from the tough financial challenge set by Ofwat during their multi-billion final determination for AMP7.


Anglian Water achieved Top Performing Company for Service Delivery in a recent Ofwat survey.

This report provides comparative information on the 17 largest water companies in England and Wales, and is testament to what can be achieved when an organisation is dedicated to delivering the very best service to its customers.


ChangeWise believes employee engagement is the foundation for successful Change. Training and coaching your people to use simple continuous improvement techniques will enable your organisation to continuously adapt and stay ahead in a constantly changing and challenging environment.

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