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ChangeWise Announces Experienced Leadership Development Coach – Jeremy Glyn

 “Coaching is the universal language of Change and Learning”

ChangeWise welcomes Jeremy Glyn to its team. He brings specialist expertise in integrated coaching for individuals and businesses incorporating 3 elements:

  • Identifying the ideal picture of future success
  • Removing barriers to progress
  • Helping transition to sustainable success

With his support you and your organisation will set more ambitious goals for change with both confidence and commitment, you will address the root causes of current restrictions on your progress, and you will know how to adopt the approach used by successful people and organisations.

ChangeWise is a specialist provider of successful business improvement and change management services to help organisations:

  1. Streamline and improve processes using Lean to lower costs, reduce delays, remove backlogs, better manage demand or answer more calls
  2. Achieve greater customer satisfaction by reducing lead times and improve the customer journey and service levels with Service Excellence principles
  3. Improve efficiency and effectiveness using Operational Excellence tools to reduce staff and overtime costs and increase productivity
  4. Assure and control service or product quality, reduce errors and lower complaints with Six Sigma and Quality Management techniques
  5. Deliver project benefits on time, in budget and to scope using ‘best practice’ Project Management

We engage, train and coach your people to use simple tools and techniques to improve their workplace leaving them with the competence to continuously adapt to a constantly changing competitive environment.

Mike Williams of ChangeWise says: “Today’s customers and the public want better services and more choice. Improving quality, reducing costs and enhancing delivery means organisations need to continuously focus on improving their processes, productivity levels and lead times to ensure continued success. The partnership with Jeremy builds further on our offering by bringing a proven ‘ABC Model of Success’ to senior leaders and managers helping them adapt their organisations to the economic environment

Jeremy was recently asked to give a talk to Price Waterhouse Cooper’s ‘Psychology network’ in London on ‘The ABC of Success’, why change implementation is so often temporary, and self-efficacy (the extent or strength of one’s belief in one’s own ability to complete tasks and reach goals).

For more information please call Mike Williams on 02380 464 153 or 07866 537 580 or visit where you can find out more about Jeremy’s background and our training and change management services.

Jeremy Glyn

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